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November 16, 2017 @ 3:58 am

MTCBYT RARE: Murder Road Trip


Phil and Nick take on another pair of podcast hosts in this very special bonus episode! Haley and Jess join us from their podcast Murder Road Trip, and we all pick animals that are special to the area we were born. Will Phil and Nick be able to avenge themselves after losing to Secret Transmission and Best Darn Diddly? Will Jess and Haley understand the rules to our silly game? Will there be laughs? That one I can answer - Yes!

Find us on Twitter, @thingbeatsthing, or send us an email at Find the girls of Murder Road Trip @MurderTrip and online at

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August 7, 2017 @ 7:22 pm

MTCBYT Rare: Phil and Nick v Toby and Miles


An extra special bonus episode for you today!

MTCBYT Rare presents: A Wednesday Night Slapdown: Phil and Nick vs Toby and Miles.

Toby is the host of the Secret Transmission podcast (all things spooky) and Miles hosts the Best Darn Diddly podcast (all things Simpsons). Are the two of them strong enough to beat Phil and Nick at their own game?

My Thing Can Beat Your Thing: Where we each pick a thing, and then figure out which thing beats which thing. We follow the ICE System to argue each thing’s merits, and then run the things through our software to find out which thing would actually beat which thing in a fight. Check us out on Twitter, @ThingBeatsThing, or send us an email at We love hearing from you!


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August 7, 2017 @ 7:12 pm

Comic Relief Charity Bonus Show


A very special one hour bonus episode we did as part of the live 36-hour podcast – Superpod 2017. All donations from this show went to Comic Relief and the good they do all over the world. Up first is a Baby v a Potato, and then a second battle that you’ll have to hear to believe (it’s… really weird).

If you want to donate, do! (or if you are reading this in the future, donate here If you just want to enjoy the episode, that’s okay, too! We love you guys either way.

As always, hit us up on Twitter, @ThingBeatsThing, or send us an email at

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