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About Us!

Nick and Phil met one day and then they made a podcast. 

The Podcast
Have you ever had an argument (at a bar, during recess, in the office, with a stranger on the street) about two things fighting, and which of those things would win? Us too. We argue so much, in fact, that we made a show about it. In every episode, we will each pick a thing (the other doesn't know what the thing will be until it's time to record), and then debate about which thing could beat which thing in a fight. 
Be prepared for:
1) Long-winded debates
2) Movie parodies
3) Song parodies
4) Conspiracy theories
5) Childish banter
6) The un-prepare-for-able

At the end of every show, we use the proprietary software that we developed (it's real, we swear) to simulate the debate and determine a winner. Every episode comes with closure - if only we were so lucky in our every day lives...

With an obsessive knowledge of pop culture and an affinity for puns, you never know what fill is going to bring to the debate. Will it be a song parody about blood clots to the tune of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby"? Will it be a string of 11 puns in under a minute? Will it a celebrity interview, or an unexpected movie homage? Well, yeah, it's been all of these things. But it probably won't be any of them again. Probably.

That boy can talk, I tell you what. Nick is like a train without brakes; he's loud and you never know where he's going to end up. Only Nick can start off a debate talking about an 80s crimefighter and end up talking about car insurance. Or talking about PeeWee Herman's Bike, and then still talking about it 7 minutes later. Or start with the Yellow Brick Road and end with the Yellow Brick Road actually being the genie-esque ghost tail of the Wizard himself.
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